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We bought our tent trailer at the end of the season. We had a problem with not receiving one of the items we asked for. It was promptly fixed by the general manager. Very happy about that. We have camped twice in our new trailer so far this season and plan on at least two more times. We were at a provincial park and the power went out at the park. I plugged in the solar and we had no problems finishing off our 4 days there. Very happy with the service and will buy from Campkins again in the future

Ken Van Den Oetelaar Lindsay ON

Why do we have Live Chat on our website?

The chat service is there to provide 24hr assistance to our website visitors in the following areas;

1) Where within our website to find available information and provide links,

2) Dealership contact information such as phone number, address, hours of operation,

3) What types of services we provide,

4) If chatting within normal business hours, they will offer to connect the visitor with us using their telephone service,

5) They will forward all customer information requests or service requests directly to us, allowing us to respond quickly.

We contract this service through our Google Premier Partner and many of our website visitors have found it very helpful. The Chat Representatives are not at our store location and are not employees of Campkin’s RV Centre.

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With the purchase of every new trailer you'll receive a Samsung Galaxy tablet packed full of helpful RVing apps, as well as all the documentation and owner's manual for your trailer and everything in it...
Recieve a Brand New Tablet with the Purchase of a New Trailer at Campkin's RV Centre