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My wife and I were on a trip across Canada when we had issues with the slide on our trailer; it wouldn't close. After contacting different RV places for help and being told it wouldn't be until August we called Campkin's RV. Jeff, and employee at Campkin's spent considerable time explaining how to get the slide in manually, We able to get the slide in and drove over to Campkins. Jeff was able to order the parts, having it shipped from the States and INSTALLED in just 24 hours. He also looked after all the details with our extended warranty. We were also treated well in the guest lounge. We were able to continue our trip without too much delay because of the wonderful service we received from Jeff and the rest of the staff. I would highly recommend Campkins. Note we didn't have any dealings with their sale or financing so can't really comment on them but if its like the rest of the service we received I would think it would be excellent.

Don Kendrick Sherwood Park AB

Consignment Sales


The Campkin's program is simple and allows you to be paid up front a fair wholesale value.


What types of trailers does Campkin's buy?

We are looking for late model travel trailers, fifth wheels and fold down campers. Specifically, 8 model years old and newer. RV's must be in good condition in proper working order.


How does the program work?

  1. You contact us via email sales@campkins.com or text us at 905-655-8613, including a brief description of your trailer including year, make and model, along with your name and phone number.
  2. We will call you within 24 hours to complete an appraisal form over the phone.
  3. We will research the current value and follow-up with the results.
  4. Assuming the price is acceptable, the trailer is brought in to our service department for an inspection and a lien-check is also completed.
  5. You receive payment immediately following the completion of a satisfactory inspection, lien-check and purchase agreement.


How long does this take?

From us receiving your first email until you receive your cheque is normally 10 to 14 days. Times can vary through out the year. Your specific time frame will be discussed on the initial phone call.


Why is it done this way versus the traditional consignment method?

  1. The owner of the trailer gets their money up front and their responsibilities such as insurance coverage and upkeep ends with Campkin’s purchasing it
  2. This allows us to put a proper selling price on the RV, taking into account current market conditions.
  3. It allows us to take a trade-in which means more potential buyers.
  4. Because we own it, we can arrange financing through our finance department using a variety of major financial institutions.
  5. When selling it we are legally responsible for the sale of the trailer in proper working order and the warranty that goes with it.


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