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We have been so pleased with the purchase and quality of our Sanibel 5th wheel trailer by Prime Time. When we decided it was time to switch back to a 5th wheel all it took for us was to drop into Campkin's & express our needs and this trailer was suggested for us--perfect. Thanks Roland. Since then the few warranty items we needed resolved were completed without a "hitch." The service dept. has been wonderful, you have created a great team. Would only suggest Campkins to all our friends. Thanks so much.

Paul Arsenault Port Perry ON

Charges And Fees

Additional Services, Fees and Taxes on an RV Purchase

Administration(New & Used) $495

This covers completion of the MTO (Ministry of Transportation Ontario) paperwork, warranty registrations, lien checks, product, and service registrations. Unlike an automobile, warranty registrations, warranty claims, warranty procedures and manufacturer recall notifications are all handled by the individual manufacturer of the component through the dealer. Between everything from the axles, all the individual appliances, electronic equipment, plumbing equipment, fixtures, gas equipment and structural components, we are dealing with more than 25 different manufacturers on each coach. We have a full-time warranty administrator who is 100% dedicated to taking care of our customer's warranty needs and concerns. The $495 Administration charge is the same on new or used. On used trailers this charge also covers the $100 Campkin's accessory store credit and the Campkin’s used trailer PDI.

License Fee(New & Used) $72 or $32

This is the amount the Ministry of Transportation Ontario charges for the registration and for the new license plate (if required). Currently, there is no annual renewal fee for trailer license plates.

Tax(New & Used) 13% HST

Applicable to the total purchase price, including all products and services, excluding trade-in allowance and License fee.

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