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If my story doesn’t convince you to ‘immediately’ visit Campkins…then you’re not seriously looking anyway... It all started a couple years ago, when we hitched a small trailer to our mini-van. We all fell in love with the fun of trailering and, unfortunately, immediately realized our trailer was ‘cozy’. However, our tow vehicle was in charge of sizing, so we dreamed of the day… A whirlwind visit to this Spring's trailer show and we quickly settled on the 30+ foot bunkhouse floor plans as our eventual next trailer. As luck would have it, the van was soon overcome with electrical gremlins which forced our hand into a tow vehicle upgrade. So now, we could’t let our poor truck get teased by all the other trucks in the campground…"nya nya…look at your little trailer”… So the search was on to settle on a trailer upgrade too, and Google and I spent some late nights together. Days later, a few floorpans nailed down, many truly hopeless dealers filtered out…I had a good idea of who and where. At least these dealers weren’t entirely useless…they actually posted some real pictures and offered a few lines of description…now to play phone tag for a few days… The next morning, our second stroke of luck (if you consider a reason to spend a ton of cash 'lucky') came when a random Campkins FaceBook post showed off the Avenger 30BiT floorpan. My wife immediately locked onto it and insisted I check it out. The picture looked good, equivalent to the floorpans I had settled on…so I grabbed my surfboard and checked out Campkins… I was immediatley BLOWN AWAY by the amount of high quality detail offered by Campkin’s website. There was no blurry half-pics, or stock/factory nonsense. Just many big, clear pictures of THE ACTUAL TRAILER!…and a walkthrough video too! A full page of trailer specific detail and descriptive paragraphs…and pricing too! This was too goo to be true. Days spent slogging through crappy, pathetic websites only to finally have to “call for pricing & availability”…or never get your emails answered…. what a waste. Campkins had it all, and I never knew until that FaceBook post nudged me. FWIW, Campkins: Your website is the #1 reason why I bought my trailer from you. You guys ‘get it’. This is the 21st century. Every major purchase starts with the Internet. There just isn’t enough time to visit countless dealerships, reading & circling brochures, writing, driving, remembering, all to eventually make a decision. Your site had all the answers to all my questions...at 1am…no phone calls/emails & waiting required. The obvious next step was to come and ‘at least’ smell one, before signing for it…so we packed up the family and headed out.. This is a very nice dealership. bright, spacious and loaded with great parts & accessories…sure to have what you need, so you can be on your way. We were greeted by Jamie who took us out to the yard. The yard is huge, and well stocked with plenty of floorpans to suit all walks of life. We visited the trailer, talked turkey and that was that, no nonsense, no shenanigans. Jamie is a very knowledgable, seasoned camper who obviously enjoys ‘working’ within his favourite pass-time. Thanks, Jamie for your tireless patience as my kids insisted looking in ‘every’ trailer we walked past. In the office, I was stunned when Jamie pulled out The Trade-In Book, laid it down in front of me and pointed at the line showing the current (mint condition) trade-in value for our little trailer…again no nonsense, no ‘sleaze’. More discussions of real trade-in physical conditions, reasonable ‘promises’ based on visual inspection expected final pricing…it was all very adult, very efficient and felt truly honest. In no time we were out of the ‘hot seat’ (no heat at all, really) deal signed. I brought our little trailer in for trade-in inspection, where I met Roland. Jamie & Roland expertly assessed and as expected, due to our excellent ‘deal’ conversation, the trade-in value was exactly what it was expected to be…and reasonable and satisfactory to me. We shook hands and the tractor hauled our little trailer away… So, deal signed, trade-in handled, delivery scheduled…that’s it right. Any other salesman/dealership would be “who are you again?” Not Campkins…At this point, they shone the brightest and blew me away again… During trade-in finalization I expressed my desire to have a Pro-Pride Hitch installed. This is an expensive hitch (worth every penny!) and I was asking about total cost. Roland knew the hitch and had a tech who had some experience, but obviously it’s not a popular option and the tech hadn’t installed one for many years. I just couldn’t float their expected total cost, so I asked if I could install it myself…in their lot, on pickup day. Amazingly, Roland immediately agreed. Now realize this, it’s important: I basically refused to pay them fair labour costs…and then I had the gall to ask for a spot to work in their lot…what dealer do you know of that would agree to that…after they already have a signed deal and ‘cash in hand’? …Campkins, because they realise the real value of a satisfied customer…not just a bag of money. This example, alone, is all the reason you need to shop here…but wait, there's more… In the few weeks before delivery, I decided I would rather install the hitch at my home…right next to all my tools…instead of loading my truck up with all the tools I thought I might need. I emailed Alyssa (parts & delivery scheduling) and asked her opinion of limping this trailer home, old-school, just on the ball. She understood my rationale, but very strongly discouraged me from towing like that, even that short, careful distance, with just a 1/2ton. Then she offered a solution: Jamie was willing to tow my trailer...to my house…after he finished work…free of charge. Blown away # 3. Again…who would offer this kind of service?…and unpaid, on their own time, to boot! (unfortunately, I couldn’t work with the times Jamie was able to do this, so I had to settle on working at their lot…) Hitch installation day. Truck loaded with tools, generator, water…out I go. Roland welcomed me, and took me to my trailer… They had moved it out of the far back lot (where we originally visited it) and parked it...right beside their workshop. In case you don’t know, Roland is the owner. He’s obviously busy…but, he spent the next 30 minutes showing me around their huge service facility, telling me about the history of Campkins, introducing me to the service techs and explaining the pickup day process. The tour ended at my trailer, where he pointed out the electrical outlet and garden hose, if I needed them….along with: "The bathroom is just inside the door", "help yourself to a coffee in the lounge", "if you need some help just ask someone in the shop”. A good luck handshake, smile and off he went. Super Blown away # 4 … if the first reasons weren’t quite good enough for you…do you really still have questions about Campaign’s sincerity & appreciation towards their customers? (5 hours later, I had the hitch installed and ready to go.) Next week was pickup day. Another ‘official’ tour of the trailer (efficiently tailored to your current trailering expertise, BTW) with a final checklist. it was almost perfect, save for a minor water leak and defective awning light. With both issues noted on the checklist, They immediately jumped on the water leak and had it solved within an hour, while I sipped coffee and shopped away my ’new trailer purchase’ in-store credit…there is always something cool to buy for a camper (-: (the awning light strip was ordered and later handled to my satisfaction). Our inaugural camping trip, that night, was saved! Thank you, Campkins. After all that…have you got your car keys in hand yet?

Eric St.Onge Bowmanville ON

Our Pricing Policy

Campkin's Pricing Transparency is Second to None!

1. Pricing

We promise to post our Lowest Possible Price that will allow us to remain in business and provide you with the quality service you expect and deserve. Our prices will change to reflect current market conditions


We include the Campkin’s Advantage Package with every RV purchase (up to $3,600 value!)

3. Disclosure

We further promise to disclose all charges and/or fees related to your purchase.

4. Trade-Ins

We Promise to do a detailed appraisal of your trade, taking into account options, condition and current market value.

5. "The Acid Test"

At Campkin’s we will buy your trade-in, even if you don’t buy from us! 

Always ask the Question, "If I don't buy here, will you buy my trade for this price?"

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