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Virtual RV Winter Wonderland Show

12/17/2020   10:07 AM Campkin's.RV Centre news
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Welcome to the Campkin's RV Winter Wonderland Virtual RV Show!
Campkin's tried this in the Fall and it was very successful, but this time we have stepped it up a notch. Over three days we are showing over 30 RV’s in our Virtual show to try and help you find the perfect match. We have structured the show the following way;

  • Day 1 - we are showing Couples travel trailers – Trailers that don’t have bunk beds but have extra space in the living area. As the show goes on you will see that we try to go from smallest to largest so that you can find the right for you.
  • Day 2 - we are showing all of our bunk model trailers – Again we have included all sizes and price points to give you lots to choose from. Again, we will be going from our smallest minivan towable 16 foot models all the way up to trailers that are over 30 feet.
  • Day 3 - we are showing all the other kinds of RV’s we sell. We will start off with Fifth wheels and then move through to some Toy Haulers, Tent Trailers and Park models. I guess you could call it the Variety Show as we will show quite a variety of trailers.

Now if that wasn’t cool enough we will also be having Tips & Tricks for your RV, as well as, Parts deals, and lots of Giveaways and we can't forget about the Campkin’s Campfire cooking videos! YUM!!
This is where it get’s really cool, this show is not just virtual – as we were planning this show – we understood that most people still want to come out and view the trailer, so they can touch and feel the product too, so that’s what we are going to do but in a safe way. So here is the plan...we actually have our RV show displayed starting on Friday, January 29th at noon. All the trailers will be plugged in, all the slides will be opened for you to book an appointment and come down to look at the trailers you are interested in. That’s right, we will have the trailers available for you to see and the show display open until 7pm both Friday and Saturday night. We are also going to have some special prizes for our guest as well.
So how can we do this safely in the middle of Covid–19? The answer is simple, by booking in your time-slot. That’s right, all you have to do is call or text us at 905-655-8613 and we will connect you with one of our RV advisors and they will set up your time to come down and see the amazing RV’s in our RV Winter Wonderland.
Whether you want to view the trailers virtually you can do so here on our YouTube Channel throughout our 3 days starting Wednesday, January 27 to Friday, January 29th at noon. And then if you feel comfortable, you can book an appointment to come and see the trailers for yourself, just text or call 905 655 8613 and book your time-slot for Friday, Saturday or Sunday, your time-slot is like your ticket into the RV Show! Whatever way works for you.
Don't forget to register today so you don't miss the premiere, all the great giveaways and prizes we will have running throughout the show. We can’t wait to see you either "Virtually" or "In Person" at the Campkin’s Winter Wonderland RV Show!!!

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