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What Are Some Steps to Take to Prepare for an RV Road Trip?

9/30/2022   12:30 PM Campkin's RV Centre article
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An RV road trip is a great way to see the country and experience new things. However, it's essential to be prepared before setting out on your journey. Here are the most important steps to take to successfully prepare for an RV road trip.

Do Your Research

There are many different types of RVs available on the market, from small pop-up trailers to large Fifth Wheels trailers over 40 feet long. Consider how many people will be traveling with you, what kind of amenities you'll need, how much space you'll need for storage, and your budget.

Get Your RV In Tip-Top Shape Before Hitting the Road

This means getting any necessary repairs or replacements done beforehand. This includes everything from the wheel bearings and tires to the plumbing. You don't want to be stranded on the side of the road with a broken-down RV!

Choose Your Destination

If you're planning an RV road trip, one of the most important considerations is your destination. After all, where you go will determine what kind of experience you have. So how do you choose the right destination for your RV road trip?
Here are a few things to keep in mind:
  • What kind of scenery do you want to see?
  • What kind of activities do you want to do?
  • What is your budget?
  • How long do you want to stay in one place?
  • What are the RV hook-up and camping options at your chosen destination?
Once you've considered all these factors, you can start narrowing down your options and choosing the perfect destination for your RV road trip.

Determine a Trip Budget

Make sure to budget for all potential costs along the way. This includes things like fuel, park fees, dump station fees, food, and other supplies.

Plan Your Route

Once you know where you're going, map out your route. This will help you estimate travel times and make sure you're staying on track.

Make Campground Reservations in Advance

When planning a road trip in an RV, it's important to book your RV campgrounds in advance. This will ensure that you have a spot to stay and won't have to worry about finding one when you're on the road. There are many websites and apps that can help you find RV campgrounds, so do some research and find one that suits your needs. Once you've found a few potential options, call, or email the campground to make a reservation. Be sure to ask about any special requirements or fees and have your credit card ready to pay for the reservation.
If you're flexible with your plans, it's also worth considering staying at state or national parks, which typically have first-come, first-served campsites. This means that you can't make a reservation, but you're likely to find a spot if you arrive early in the day. Be prepared for busy campgrounds on weekends and holidays, and plan to arrive midweek if possible

Stock Up on Supplies

Before setting out, make sure you have all the supplies you need for your trip. This includes food, water, and any other essentials.

Plan for Emergencies

No matter how well you plan, emergencies can happen. Be prepared by packing a first-aid kit and having a plan for what to do if something goes wrong.

Stay Aware of Weather Conditions

Bad weather can make driving difficult and even dangerous. Stay up to date on the latest weather forecast so you can plan accordingly.

Drive Safely

Towing an RV can be very different than driving a normal car, so it's important to be prepared.
Before you hit the road, it's important to know where you're going and what kind of roads you'll be driving on. Also, plan for the drive to take a little longer. Usually when towing, it will take 10- 15% longer to get to your destination.

Park Responsibly

When it's time to park for the night, make sure you're doing so safely and responsibly. Once you've found your assigned spot, look around and make sure it's suitable for your RV trailer. You want a level spot where your RV won’t be blocking others. If your spot doesn’t offer this, go back to the office, and ask for a different spot.
When you're ready to park, slowly back your RV into the space. Have someone outside guiding you if possible. Once you're in the right spot, put on the parking brake and disconnect your RV from the tow vehicle. Level your RV using jacks or leveling blocks. This will make it more comfortable to stay in and will help prevent any damage.

Be Respectful of Others

When you're on the road, you'll be sharing space with other travelers. Be respectful of their space and follow campground rules.

Have Fun

Above all else, remember to have fun! AN RV road trip is an opportunity to see new places and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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