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5/16/2020   11:31 AM CAMPKIN'S RV CENTRE article
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Covid-19 update - Ontario has been listening, Thank you everyone! Due to the hard work and sacrifice of Ontarians, our economy is starting to open up and the 2020 Camping season is soon to begin! Over the last few months the staff at Campkin’s have been working hard to improve our dealership and embrace the “New Normal”. RVing’s popularity has increased overnight because it is a safe way to get away. So we are excited and here to help you make your 2020 RV dreams come true.

  • RV Sales – We still encourage you to email us at info@campkins.com or text us at 905-655-8613 to set up a personal RV viewing appointment for the best experience. If you do arrive unscheduled, we do have our RV Advisor’s on site to meet you and discuss your RV needs (outside for now). Scheduled visits do take priority, but we will do our best to help you as quickly as possible.
  • RV Parts – The most convenient way to get your parts is to text us at 905-655-8613 or email us at parts@campkins.com and arrange for curbside pick up. When you arrive text or call us with your parking spot number and we will bring your part right out. Calling ahead is recommended, however if you do just stop by, we will have people inside the store as your personal shoppers. You can choose curbside pick-up or have them guide you through the store to help you find what you need. There may be a little wait as we do have limited capacity. Text or call us when you arrive, and we will let you know the approximate wait time and where you are in the que. We will do our best to help you as quickly as possible. 
  • RV Service – Welcome to Campkin’s contactless concierge service. Call us, or text us, at 905-655-8613 or email us at service@campkins.com  ahead of time to make your appointment.  We are currently very heavily booked with Campkin's priority-one service. We do apologize and will do our best to help you as quickly as possible.

We have many other enhancements set in place to ensure your safety and also improve our dealership to serve you better. The entire store is fully outfitted with Plexiglas shielding and signage to encourage proper physical distancing. We encourage you to wear a mask but it is not mandatory. 

We are all excited to begin the 2020 RV season, but we could not have arrived here without the help of some very special people. We want to thank all the front line workers who have been faithfully serving Ontario for the past few months. Also, thank you so much to our staff for all their hard work as we navigate through the “New Normal”. Finally, we want to thank you, our loyal customer’s, we appreciate your loyalty to Campkin’s RV and your commitment to support local businesses.  As they say, we are in this together, so let’s get out there and enjoy the great outdoors!



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