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Plenty of Leg Room

6/16/2020   2:27 PM CAMPKIN'S RV CENTRE Uncategorized
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Travel Trailers & Fifth Wheels: The Ultimate in Travel Comfort

There's a better way to travel. Get an RV.
Prolonged periods of sitting in cramped spaces isn’t fun – and it isn’t healthy. If you’ve ever tried to push your seat back on a plane, you know what happens next…

Plenty of Legroom When You RV
RVing is different. There’s plenty of legroom! RVs can provide you and your family with ample living space. Living space you can use while you’re travelling. Getting to your destination isn’t something to be endured – it’s part of the fun. With RVing it’s all about the journey.

Absolute Comfort
Comfortable, roomy, with lots of space to stretch out. Most trailers come with at least one flat-screen smart TV and a great sound system. Make yourself at home, curl up with a good book, stream your favourite show or kick back and listen to music at the campsite. Feel like a snack? There’s a kitchen with a fridge and pantry to raid: throw what you want on the stove or in the microwave. It can be as healthy – or as indulgent – as you want. It may even taste like real food! Larger trailers include private sleeping areas. Smaller models effortlessly convert sofas, dining areas and seating into beds for a good night’s sleep in a hygienic environment you can trust. No need to navigate public washrooms either. Each travel trailer and fifth wheel on our lot come equipped with a bathroom and shower.

More Than Just Legroom
Whether you’re taking off for a day trip, a weekend jaunt or a full vacation, an RV has room for everyone – and almost everything. Family, friends, dogs, cats: there’s space for the whole menagerie and all their paraphernalia. Pack what you need, not what you can squeeze into a tiny piece of luggage. Is a canoe trip part of the fun? Bring it. A little mountain biking? Bring ‘em. Golfing? Pack your clubs, even a golf cart. There’s space for gear, clothes, gadgets and equipment for whatever you’ve got planned.

Sheer Freedom!
Best of all, if something catches your eye along the way, stop and explore. When you RV, you have the freedom to change plans on the fly. These are self-contained vehicles – you’ve got everything you need to do whatever you want: food, fresh water, sewage tanks and batteries for electricity. You can overnight just about anywhere. Life’s most amazing moments can be those you weren’t expecting. It’s your holiday: having a good time is what matters – not someone else’s timetable.

What kinds of trailers does Campkin’s RV have?

Our trailers and fifth wheels come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, price ranges and are divided into four main categories: Fifth Wheel, Travel Trailer, Toy Haulers and Tent Trailers.  You don’t need a special license to drive a towable trailer.

So come check out the great selection of RV’s available at Campkin’s RV and help support local Ontario businesses at the same time. The Ontario RV industry employs over 21,860 people and generates over $1.64B to the provincial economy.
There’s a better way to travel.
Get an RV.

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