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RV Trade Show Survival Guide

1/13/2017   4:52 PM Campkin's RV Centre article
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It’s RV Show season and bringing the right gear is key to having a successful day at the show.  Campkin’s RV Centre has put together a handy packing list of “must haves” so there’s no guessing of what to bring.

1. Comfortable Shoes. There will be a lot of walking around, you can pretty much guarantee it!  Expect to have a full day on your feet and shoes that have been broken in is your best bet.

2. Tote Bag or Backpack.  Expect to receive a ton of brochures, business cards and freebies from dealers.  You will need something to put all your goodies in.

3. Water and Snacks.  You are sure to work up a thirst and appetite with all the walking and talking you’ll be doing at the show.  Keep hydrated!

4. Pen & Paper.  Bring something to write with and something to write on.  Taking notes is essential to a successful trade show visit.  Jotting down notes from seminars and comparing trailers is always a good idea.  Some dealers have incentives to buy during the show weekend and you’ll want to know what they are.  It may help make a decision for you to know this.  It also helps to make a “Wish List” of what you want in your trailer.

5. A Friend.  Bring a companion who will help you make purchasing decision.  Having members presents who you will be traveling with.

6. Cell Phone for Pictures/Video.  It can be pictures of trailers (inside/out), business cards, sales people, promotions, etc.  You don’t want to forget any important information, especially if you’re comparing between 2 or 3 units/dealers.  Video is also good if you don’t want to forget information from a seminar you sat through.

7. Flashlight. For those who like to get underneath the trailer to check out the underbelly or for basement storage areas, a flashlight will help shine a light on things.

8. Tape Measure.  If you are restricted to size or you just want to compare storage closets, then a tape measure is key.

9. Cash & Credit Card.  Have some cash on hand in case you need a hot cup of coffee or some lunch to help recharge your batteries, stay focused and happy!  A credit card may be needed to put a deposit on a trailer if you buy strike a deal at the show.

10. Map.  Check to see if the RV Show website has a map that you can print off.  This will help you plan your trip and allow you to hit the booths that matter most to you.  Remember a map is always available at the show front entrance as well.

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