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Private Campgrounds vs. Provincial Campgrounds

9/21/2016   12:00 AM Campkin's RV Centre article
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One of the questions we are often asked by people at Campkin’s is "What are the best campgrounds to go to?"  "Are provincial campgrounds preferred or is a private campground a better way to go?"  You will often find numerous opinions on this subject.  At Campkin’s we don’t prefer one type of campground over the other, we believe that each one provides a different type of experience for you to enjoy.

Private campgrounds are owned and managed by companies or private individuals.  Most private campgrounds generally belong to the category of RV parks providing larger sites for different types of RV’s and a lot of full service hookup sites.

The fees at private campgrounds can vary from inexpensive to very expensive depending on the amenities available.  A lot of the privately owned campgrounds can provide a resort like experience.  This may include manicured gardens, restaurants, arcades and clubhouses.  A lot of private campgrounds have well maintained beach areas and the opportunity to rent watercrafts.  As well, many private campgrounds are directed towards families and they may provide organized activities for children like crafts at the clubhouse, candy bar bingo or outdoor movies under the stars.  This along with fully stocked accessory stores and pool areas mean private campgrounds can lead to a relaxing holiday the whole family can enjoy.

Provincial campground lets you experience nature in its truest form.  It will have hiking trails, water front areas and lots of natural geography for you to explore.  The campsites themselves are often well treed, spacious and quite private.  The campsites are relatively inexpensive and family friendly, however it can be difficult to reserve a site at a provincial park especially on the long weekends and statutory holidays. The best way to get the site you want at a provincial park is to plan ahead and reserve a site online about 5 months in advance.

Our goal at Campkin’s always remains the same, to provide the best camping experience for our families. For some people it’s that natural beauty and picturesque views that you can only find at some of our provincial parks.  For others, who are looking for a resort like experience full of activities for the whole family to enjoy, a private campground maybe the way to go.  The best thing about owning an RV is that you can enjoy both choices on your schedule at your pace.  That’s why we always say…help us, help you make your RV dreams come true. #makingRVmemories

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