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Another RV Show Innovation by Campkin’s RV Centre

2/22/2016   11:47 AM CAMPKINS RV CENTRE news
Featured image for /assets/images/imgsrc.php?src=http://cc.sps101.com/uploads/4065/news/Campkins-RV-Internet-Lounge_5910.jpg&save-as=jpg&q=80&w=600&no-upscale

No pushy salespeople, no high-pressure sales tactics, no frantic vendors trying to fill their sales quotas. Just deep, comfortable, black leather sofas, a few raised tables with bar stools, digital tablets on every table loaded with trailers, high-speed Wi-Fi and plenty of bottled water and refreshments. The signs posted around this oasis in the middle of the Toronto RV Show & Sale simply said “Relax – Shop & Compare in Campkin’s RV Internet Lounge”. And relax they did…

There has never been a Canadian RV dealer approach a show like this before, and in the continued spirit of Campkin’s, pushing the digital envelope, customers and sales staff alike rated the experience a success. The logic behind the strategy makes a lot of sense; bring 7 or 8 of your most popular floorplans, post the prices with big red numbers, let people walk around at their own pace, and of course provide dozens of brand new Galaxy tablets preloaded with the Campkin’s App.

"This type of environment," says Roland "really allowed us to showcase not only our most popular models, but our fair pricing policy, our comfortable no-pressure approach and, as a bonus, the tablets the public were using are similar to the tablets we give each new trailer buyer."

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