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Post thumbnail for Winterizing Appointment

Winterizing Appointment

Beat the rush and book your appointment today to get your RV winterized.

9/14/2020   12:36 PM
Campkin's RV Centre
Post thumbnail for Clearance Sale

Clearance Sale

See what's new in our clearance lot. Up to $3000 in discounts applied to our already low prices. Lock it in at this price today.

8/29/2020   10:44 AM
Campkin's RV Centre
Post thumbnail for Departure is Delayed

Departure is Delayed

Departure delayed because you felt like it.

7/18/2020   1:24 PM
Campkin's RV Centre
Post thumbnail for Know Who You're Travelling With

Know Who You're Travelling With

The crowds and energy of airports and train stations used to be an exciting start to a family holiday. There was something thrilling about the bustle of a hotel lobby and the chatter-filled atmosphere of the dining room. Things are different now. Jostling with strangers in crowded, airless spaces is

7/18/2020   1:22 PM
Campkin's RV Centre
Post thumbnail for Always a Window Seat

Always a Window Seat

Even if you manage to score a window seat, when you fly, the view at 35,000 feet is pretty predictable: clouds and sky. Dreamy at first, but a little variety would be nice! RV travel is different. The view out the window changes endlessly: cityscapes, forests, coastlines, small towns, wildlife. And

7/18/2020   1:15 PM
Campkin's RV Centre
Post thumbnail for No Baggage Restrictions

No Baggage Restrictions

North America is huge. From one coast to another, it stretches across 8,000 kilometres and seven time zones. And with a Travel Trailer, you can go anywhere and do just about anything.

7/18/2020   1:11 PM
Campkin's RV Centre
Post thumbnail for Bring the Whole Family

Bring the Whole Family

Vacations are exhilarating but they can easily get expensive. Airfare, accommodations, dining, event admissions, souvenirs for the gang – costs can escalate quickly. But not an RV vacation!

6/29/2020   8:56 AM
Campkin's RV Centre
Post thumbnail for Plenty of Leg Room

Plenty of Leg Room

There's a better way to travel. Get an RV. Prolonged periods of sitting in cramped spaces isn’t fun – and it isn’t healthy. If you’ve ever tried to push your seat back on a plane, you know what happens next…

6/16/2020   2:27 PM
Post thumbnail for We're Back...

We're Back...

On Tuesday, May 19th, Campkin's is re-opening with some new enhancements to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable shopping experience.

5/16/2020   11:31 AM

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