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    Welcome to Campkin's RV Centre

    Since 1973 the most enthusiastic RV Dealer in Ontario, Campkin's RV Centre, has been providing top RV Brands and excellent RV Service and RV Parts. We serve the Durham region and many of our customers are second and third generation campers whose Moms and Dads trusted Campkin's RV Centre with their RV purchases. We have grown over the years because of remarkable customer service, Our staff is dedicated and highly trained professionals. Campkin's takes your RV Camping experience very seriously!

    Our selection of new and used RVs, tent trailers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, hybrids and toy haulers are updated on our website daily, so enjoy browsing our Inventory, our RV Brands and our RV Specials. Be sure to check out the Parts Store where we now offer online shopping, so you can purchase any one of our specially-priced RV Parts and Accessories.

    If you are unable to find what you are looking for please Contact Us and we'll assist you in any way we can. And thank you from Ontario's number one RV Dealer - with over 41 years of exceptional customer service!

    We have only ever camped with tents and tent trailers so this Cherokee Wolf Pup 16 FQ was a real change for us. Everyone at Campkins was extremely helpful. and did not put unwanted pressure on us. J...

    Why do we have LIVE CHAT on our website?

    The chat service is there to provide 24hr assistance to our website visitors in the following areas;

    1. Within our website to find available information and to provide links,
    2. Dealership contact information such as phone numbers, address, hours of operation,
    3. What types of services we provide,
    4. If chatting within normal business hours, they will offer to connect the visitor with us using their telephone service,
    5. They will forward all customer information requests or service requests directly to us, allowing us to respond quickly.

    We contract this service through our Google Premier Partner and many of our website visitors have found it very helpful. Note: the Chat Representatives are not at our store location and are not employees of Campkin’s RV Centre.

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